Springwell Medical Centre
39 Ardmillan Terrace Edinburgh EH11 2JL
Tel: 0131 347 1860
Fax: 0131 347 1861
Out of Hours: 111
In the Month of March 2021 the practice answered 11,512 phone calls.


Some patients are having problems getting through to out appointment line (pressing 3). We have contacted out phone system provider and they say that it appears to be certain networks eg. Virgin mobile/EE which seem to have a problem which is unfortunately outwith our hands. Please note that by pressing 7 at the menu stage can also put you through to appointments. 

Please note that if you are waiting longer than 20 minutes at any time then there must be an issue with our phone system. At the busy times of 8 am and 11 am there are usually at least 4 staff answering the appointment lines.


UPDATE: due to the issues earlier today (below) a message has been posted on the Gorgie/Dalry Facebook page and we have sent a text to 5000+ patients apologising for the issue. (If you haven't already signed up for the SMS service, please see the tab on the left hand side of the Home Screen for more information).

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience and upset caused. 

PS. We have been working on a practice FB page however this is taking some time due to the workload of Covid-19. We hope to have this up and running as soon as possible. 

Best wishes, Ali


The practice is currently closed for the Easter Weekend (see below message).  We have had a technical issue with our phones today which resulted in the public holiday message not being activated therefore the telephones were not off.  This has resulted in many patients having lenghty queues on our system with nobody in the building to answer them.  I received notification of this at 12.30pm today and managed to get the phones switched over remotely.  I arrived at the practice at approximately 1pm and dealt with people who were still in the telephone queue.

I can't apologise enough for the issues we have faced today.  To those patients I have manged to speak to, thank you for your understanding.

Ali Parrott, Practice Manager




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22nd March 2021

“My Healthcare” Telephone Scam

We have been made aware of a successful telephone scam which resulted in a patient providing personal banking details.
Two individual patients were contacted by telephone, from a caller identifying themselves as calling from “My Healthcare”. The caller appeared to have significant knowledge about the patients and was asking to post medication to each. The caller then asked for bank details and provided a telephone number to the patients which was invalid.
One of the patients did not disclose any personal details however the other patient provided banking details. CFS are unaware if any financial loss has occurred as a result of this disclosure, however the patient has reported this to their Bank and to Police Scotland.

No caller display number was available during either telephone conversation.


As part of Priority Group 6, the campaign for unpaid carers to self-register for the COVID-19 vaccine gets underway on Monday (15th March).

Please check the information on the NHS inform website
regarding unpaid carers and how to self-register.





PLEASE CONTACT 0800 030 8013
FILL OUT FORM AT http://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/invitations


Interested in increasing your physical activity or being supported in maintaining a healthy diet? 


Active Steps is here to support you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


From  Monday 15th February the surgery will be "closed" at lunchtime every day, Monday to Friday 12pm to 1pm to allow time for training and meetings.
This has been approved by the NHS.   We are still available in an emergency by pressing option 1 on our automated telephone system.  Please note we will only be able to deal with emergencies in this time.

New Patient Registrations will still be processed from 12pm on Wednesdays.  Please see the "How to Register with us" tab on the left hand side of the screen for more inormation



Covid-19 Vaccination at Springwell Medical Centre


Across Lothian, vaccination of the following groups of people is taking place at GP Practices:

  • People over 80 years of age
  • People aged  75-79
  • People who are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding)

If you or your relative or someone you care for is in this groups you / they will receive an invitation  from us, either by letter or by phone to have your vaccination here at the practice. 
We understand that there is concern that some people in this cohort have not yet been invited for vaccination either at the practice or at home.
You may also be concerned that someone you know in a lower priority group has been invited to be vaccinated at a mass vaccination centre ahead of your own vaccination appointment.
Invitations to mass vaccination centres are being administered nationally and are separate from the GP programme.  Those letters can be sent out quite far ahead of appointments.  Our contact with you will be much closer to the date of  your appointment as our clinic dates are arranged when each delivery of vaccine arrives.
However, we can assure you we are vaccinating as fast as vaccine supplies allow and everyone eligible for vaccination here will be invited to attend as soon as possible.
We are very grateful for your patience while you wait your turn.
For more information about the vaccination programme please see
NHS Lothian’s Vaccine Hub on their website
NHS Inform
Thank You,


Springwell Medical Centre


TEXT SENT  (26/01/2021)
There apears to have been some confusion surrounding a text which has been sent out from us . 
From 15th February, our telephone system will be transferred to emergency mode between 12:00-13:00 every day (Monday-Friday) and the doors will remain locked.  The surgery currently operates like this on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has done so for many many years.  Please see below for further information.


**SCAM ALERT**  (25/01/2021)
We have been made aware of multiple different scams being sent to patients by e-mail or text.  You will never recieve an e-mail or text from the practice or Health Board asking you to respond within 12 hours or asking for any personal or bank details or verification reply.  All texts sent from the practice are general information and are likely to have a link direct to NHS Inform website.  
Please be vigilant and do not share any personal information or respond to correspondence you feel may be a scam. 
When we call patients by telephone we ask you to confirm your details for your patient confidentiality, to ensure we are speaking to the correct person.


We are delighted to be starting our COVID19 Vaccination Clinics.
GPs have been asked to provide vaccines for those aged 80 and over, moving on to those aged 75 – 79 and then those who are shielding.  You can find out more about the priority groups by clicking here.   All other groups will be offered appointments via Health Board run services by letter.  The delivery of the vaccine is in small batches and we are not certain when these will arrive. As soon as we have supplies of vaccine our team will contact you to arrange an appointment. 

There is no need for you to contact the practice as we will be in touch with those eligible.  If you have any questions about the COVID Vaccine, please visit NHS Inform by clicking here, or call the national helpline 0800 030 8013 which is open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.


Practice Hours (22/01/2021)

From Monday 15th February 2021 our telephones will be transferred to emergency mode and our doors will be closed every Monday-Friday between 12.00-13.00.  We will still be available for urgent medical matters by selecting option 1 for emergencies on our operated telephone system.  We have taken this decision due to an increase in workload, ensuring patient safety and that priority issues are dealt with in an appropriate manner, protected time for important debriefs and meetings and for training opportunities.   
Please note this has been agreed by Lothian Health Board due to the added pressure to the practice.

Useful Links

Please see the link below for helpful videos on community health care. https://www.nhsinform.scot/campaigns/your-community-health-care-services 
Please see the link below for an overview of NHS services.  https://www.nhsinform.scot/right-care

The front doors remain closed to reduce footfall to the practice.  Our phone lines are open as normal 08-00-18.00 Monday to Friday (CLOSED 12.00-13.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Medical Emergencies ONLY).  All contact must be via telephone in the first instance.  If the GP needs to see you face to face they will arrange an appropriate time ensuring social distancing is followed in the waiting area.
We are operating a Telephone Triage appointment system.  Please telephone the practice at 08.00 OR 11.00 for a same day slot.   Please note we cannot book appointments for the GP in advance.  Practice Nurse appointments remain the same, prebook only.  All appointments must be made over the phone so please do not present at the practice asking to make an appointment.
Please note due to social distancing we are only allowing the patient who has an appointment in to the practice, no friends, partners etc. excluding parent/guardian, child, carer etc. 
Please only arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.  If you arrive earlier you will be asked to stand outside.  This is to ensure our waiting room is not over crowded.
We have recently had an intercom installed to assist with this.  When admin staff check you have an appointment and buzz you in (automatic doors will open) please use the hand gel provided and take a seat on one of the numbers on the waiting room couch.  Please use the hand gel when leaving the practice.
All prescriptions should be requested via this website.  When complete these are being sent to pharmacies so please state which local pharmacy you wish your prescription to be sent to.  Non urgent prescriptions should be ready to collect from the pharmacy after 72 hours (not including the weekend).   Urgent prescriptions will be e-mailed through to the pharmacy to enable pick up sooner. Sick lines are being sent to your home address.
We recommend that patients coming into the practice wear a face covering.  We cannot provide face coverings so please bring your own.


Thank you for your patience and understanding through these difficult times.  #StaySafe  #NHS

If you are concerned you may have symptoms of COVID19 (Fever, New Persistent Cough, Shortness of Breath or Loss of Taste or Smell), do NOT call the practice.  Please book a test via https://www.nhsinform.scot/. If you feel very unwell, call NHS24 on 111.

We have been informed by numerous patients recently that they have submitted a change of address/details form via our "Update Your Details" section on this website but their details have not been changed despite receiving a receipt via e-mail that this was received.  We have investigated this matter and can now confirm there was an issue with the e-mail address used to send these notifications to us.   All sections on this website have now been fixed.
If you have changed any of your contact details in the last 12 months via this method, please submit this again and we will check this has been amended.  We are sorry for any
inconvenience this has caused.  Please do not contact the practice to check your address or contact details are correct, simply submit a new form.

Since the introduction of mandatory face coverings on public transport and in shops, we have received numerous requests from patients to provide a letter to prove exemption.  Unfortunately due to the high demand for this and current workload we are unable to provide a letter for this.   We have also received guidance from the LMC which states "there is no legal requirement nor any expectation that individuals show any documentation if challenged. It is a matter for the police and the courts to interpret and to enforce the Regulations."  Please see the link below for clarity from Disability Equality Scotland.




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